SIO’s 2018 Interior Architect Joanna Laajisto creates atmospheres

Joanna Laajisto (b. 1977) graduated as an interior architect in California in 2004. Her company employs four people, and, although the company is relatively small, it has enjoyed global success. The company’s clients include Vitra and the fashion brand Cecil in the global scene and in Finland, the shop for Atelier Torbjörn Tillander and Restaurant Löyly in Helsinki. Currently the company is working on the extension for Solo Sokos hotel in Jyväskylä.

“Our Interiors are based on an in-depth study of the client and site. We gather a lot of background information to help us justify our choices. This is a challenging field. Details are important and require precision. We aim to produce a functional, durable and aesthetic outcome,” Joanna Laajisto explains. According to the jury, Laajisto’s work is high-quality, timeless, interesting as well as sustainable. There is nothing contrived about her designs. Laajisto masters sustainable design without being dull. It is a skill which, combined with her invincible eye for colour, merits her colleagues’ recognition: the nomination for the Interior Architect of the year. Laajisto’s Interiors are characterised by their tranquillity and calmness, which encaptivate visitors.

In shop interiors, the products on sale are the key, whilst restaurants must provide a relaxing and pleasant atmosphere. Social media and online shops are currently a source of turbulence for shop design. “Boutique Design” provides an answer: successful interiors help create interesting and pleasant shops, which attract customers into the premises. We wish you a warm welcome to the ID Helsinki event on Tuesday 11 September 2018. Joanna will receive her award at 12 noon. After this, at 12.10 PM, a Boutique Design panel will take the
stage. Place: Event Center Telakka, Hernesaari, Helsinki, Finland.

This year the decision based on the suggestions and applications was made by Petra Majantie, 2016 Interior Architect SIO;
Leena Kolinen, Interior Architect SIO and SIO’s honorary member; Mika Tolvanen, 2017 Furniture Designer SIO, Karola
Sahi, Architect SAFA; Aalto University, School of Arts, Design and Architecture, and Ulla Koskinen Editor-in-Chief at Asun
magazine. Secretary General Minna Borg acted as the secretary of the jury.

Further information, interview and image requests:
Interior Architect SIO Joanna Laajisto,, tel. +358 (0)44 214 5937

Secretary General Minna Borg,, tel. +348 (0)46 878 2573

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Timberwise Showroom
Photo: Studio Joanna Laajisto, Mikko Ryhänen



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