SIO is a professional association established in 1949. Our goals are to improve the quality of the built environment and to promote cultural and ethical values as well as sustainable development. A qualified interior architect is denoted with the letters SIO placed after the professional designation.

SIO disseminates information on the diverse professional skills of interior architects and participates in the current dialogue in the areas of architecture and building construction. We promote the interests of interior architects and furniture designers, and we strengthen the roles of these professionals both in Finland and abroad as experts in questions related to the built environment. SIO participates in various Finnish events in the fields of interior architecture and building construction. SIO is a member of the European Council of Interior Architects (ECIA) and a member of International Federation of Interior Architects (IFI).

Finnish Association of Interior Architects SIO – almost 800 professionals in building construction and interior architecture at your service

SIO has almost 800 members – interior architects and furniture designers. Our members have either a Master of Arts degree or a degree in design from a university of applied sciences.

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Interior architects are experts in space, light and colours. They possess comprehensive expertise in functional, visual and conceptual thinking. Interior architects are creative problem solvers, whose professional expertise includes knowledge of structures and materials, esthetical vision and ability to cooperate with other professionals.

Services of interior architects

Interior architects create purposeful and pleasing environments for the needs of clients and users within the limits of financial realities and with respect to environmentally ethical values. Interior architects integrate structures, furniture and furnishings, light, colours and materials into functional entities, and they create spatial atmospheres with lighting and by other concrete means. Interior architects cooperate with clients, users, architects, contractors and engineers (structural, mechanical, electrical and plumbing) as well as with furniture, furnishings and materials suppliers.

Interior architects design interior renovations and alterations both in public-sector and private-sector projects. Their tasks include spatial, surface, interior and lighting design; furniture and exhibition design; and branding and corporate identity design. Interior architects develop and strengthen their corporate clients’ visual identity and brand, and they conduct comprehensive conceptual design. The key tasks of interior architects include the design of especially fixed furnishings as part of overall interior design. Some interior architects specialize in the design of mass-produced furniture, lighting fixtures and other interior design components for industry. Interior architects provide diverse solutions and services for both private individuals and businesses. A qualified interior architect is denoted with the letters SIO placed after the professional designation.