Mika Tolvanen designated as 2017 Furniture Designer of the Year

Mika Tolvanen, kuva: Anni Koponen

Mika Tolvanen (born 1975) is a new generation furniture designer among a shortening list. Tolvanen has succeeded in what many can only dream about: designs by him and by Studio Mika & Julie Tolvanen are included in the collections of several esteemed international brands. Tolvanen’s signature style is both ageless and current. The method of this productive and determined designer gives a good example to all aspiring furniture designers; the way to find work in this highly competitive field is to go international. Mika Tolvanen closely follows current trends, and we can expect a great deal from him in the future.

“We don’t have a dogma or ism. We believe that good design arises from understanding the function of the product – products are for use. At the same time, any new product we design should have its own individual character. An object might be complex in its variety of functions, but it shouldn’t look complicated. We aim to make our designs fresh and beautiful, but also self-explanatory and easy to understand,” Mika Tolvanen explains.

The designation Furniture Designer of the Year were presented Wednesday, 13 September 2017, in a ceremony on the Arena stage of the Habitare interior decoration and design event in Helsinki.