IFI is proud to announce the 2022-2024 IFI Governance Team

The new IFI Executive Board is fully supported by IFI members from across the world, who participated in our inaugural virtual and 30th biennial IFI General Assembly (GA) held on 22 of Feb 2022.

All at IFI are excited to strongly move forward together to further build and deliver on IFI’s commitment to the timely and thoughtful world advancement of Interior Architecture/Design.
This excellent team of world leaders will help to shape both ongoing and fresh initiatives necessary for the continued coalescence, nurture and leadership of design and interiors at the world level.

The IFI HQ is honored to work with such an accomplished group of leadership and offer dedicated collaboration, support and appreciation for their passion and commitment to our important profession, now more vital than ever.

Formal president of Interior Architect SIO Tatu Ahlroos is the new president elect of International Federation of Interior Architects/Designers-IFI.