Futudesign chosen as 2023 Interior Architecture Agency

Photo: Ilkka Airas

The Finnish Association of Interior Architects SIO has chosen the 2023 Interior Architecture Agency of the Year. The nomination goes to the Helsinki-based Futudesign. The agency’s design team consists of interior architects, architects as well as designers. The team has implemented numerous ambitious projects for a wide variety of private and public sector clients. Futudesign currently employs thirteen people. The award was donated at Helsinki City Hall.

The agency was established ten years ago. Its extensive portfolio includes award-winning restaurants, offices, bars, hotels, retail stores as well as museum and exhibition spaces. All its projects promote a holistic spatial experience from the smallest detail to large complexes. The agency understands its clients’ needs, which is evident in its unique solutions. Renovating and preserving buildings is culturally and economically sustainable. Thus, Futudesign has specialised in the refurbishment and infill development of challenging architectural sites. The agency is rare in the Finnish architecture scene, because its architects and interior architects have an equal status in the design process, irrespective of the project.

The jury praises the winner for the wide variety and character of its projects and its ability to listen to its clients, which is reflected in the quality of its work. Despite its young age, the company’s work has been credible, diverse, topical and when required, striking, whilst maintaining a timeless quality. The jury commends the agency’s comprehensive approach, including the effectiveness of its teamwork evident in all its projects.

This year, the decision based on suggestions and applications was made by Interior Architect SIO Taina Lehtinen, a partner in the 2022 Interior Architecture Agency and the chairperson of the Jury; Interior Architect SIO Lars Räihä, Architect SAFA Kristiina Kuusiluoma, and Interior Journalist Anna-Kaisa Huusko. SIO Secretary General, Minna Borg, acted as the secretary of the jury.

The award ceremony was preceded by a panel discussion at 3.00 PM whose theme was “Quality of Life”. Architect SAFA Aleksi Niemeläinen represents the 2023 Interior Architecture Agency in the panel.

The panel discussion and the award ceremony at Helsinki City Hall was broadcasted live via Helsinki-kanava.  FM Mattsson Mora Group Finland donated a €1 000 grant to the awarded agency. The event is available for viewing at www.helsinkikanava.fi.


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